Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First French?? Really?

Always something exciting going on over here! My grades came in from this past semester at law school and...I kicked butt if I do say so myself!! I'm very very pleased and it was such a relief to start my second semester already knowing my GPA wasn't going to be a worry.

Anyway, after the results came in I decided to take a chance and I sent a bunch of cover letters and resumes to a few local law firms looking for a summer internship. Someone in Heaven is watching out for me and I got contacted by not one but TWO law firms to come in and interview!! Luckily, a huge part of my Christmas swag this year was professional attire so I knew just what to wear.
                                                                                  Me looking all fancy->

Officially, I have been offered both internship now I have to decide! Yay!!

Of course, even MORE important than the clothes...the nails. Because lawyers are conservative (boringgg) I took off my colorful manicure and replaced it with a simple French Manicure. It dawned on me that I don't think I've ever done a French on my own nails before. They came out clean and I'm still rocking them.
I've got a summer internship! WAHOO!

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