Rosy Reptile

After breaking out my BundleMonster plates for this recent manicure I was reminded of just how neat I thought stamping was. I really enjoy how absolutely perfect each nail comes out (every single one looks exactly like the other) and how quick and easy it is to use a stamp and jazz up an otherwise plain manicure. Stamping lets me add some pizzazz in literally no time at all! 
I call this my Rosy Reptile manicure because, at least to me, the stamp I used reminded me of scales. The two pinks I used were two of my favorites: Zoya Nicole (which my boyfriend bought for me...and it's obviously my favorite because it's my name =) I think everyone should own a polish named after them!) and Zoya Kristi. Nicole was my base on the eight fingers and then Kristi was the stamp. Then I inverted the design for my ring fingers. I was online yesterday looking at Zoya's new polishes (I'm way behind in all the new polishes that have come out this summer/recently) and I'm definitely feeling the itch to splurge on a bunch! But I'm trying really hard to wait until the summer before buying any new ones!! The stamp was BundleMonster plate 208.

Also, I have two nail posts already planned. I'm at school right now waiting for my next class to begin and all I want to do is go home and polish!! Thank god it's a weekend!!

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