Pastel Polka Dots

I know I'm almost 22 (almost 22?!) and all...but yes, my mom still makes an Easter basket for me. =) Of course it had peanut butter cups and jelly beans in it but it also had a few other goodies like NEW CHINA GLAZE POLISHES! Three new polishes to be exact: Electric Beat, Peachy Keen, & Sunset Sail. Obviously, I took it as an opportunity to use one of the new polishes ASAP so I chose Peachy Keen and did a little Easter polka-dotting.
Sorry about the chip on my index finger...these nails have been done since Wednesday...


  1. so beautiful...

  2. Very beautiful ! Your nails are looking simple & beautiful. Its really lovely work..Great job. Keep it up :)

  3. Aw thank you so much for the compliments AND for stopping by my blog!!


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