Happy New Year: Top 11 of 2011

Happy New Year everyone! Last year I did a post of my top favorite polishes for the year. I decided to go ahead and continue something similar for 2011: Top 11 Designs of 2011. Enjoy my post of reflections :)

Starting the list off with #11: "Inspired By: Victoria's Secret" manicure from August

#10:  My "Lost Your Marbles" water marbling manicure of February

#9: "100 Cherries on My Nails" mani from February.

#8: "Patchwork Perfect" pedicure from February

#7: "Anything Goes" manicure from June

#6: "TGIS weekend" zebra mani from May

#5: "Manic Monday" manicure from February

#4: "Black Flowered French" manicure from January.

#3: "Designer Week - Burberry Friday" manicure from January

#2: "Animal mania: I love zebra" manicure from November :) We all know my obsession with animal print!

#1: "Colorful Leopard" manicure from July

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