Saturday, November 5, 2011

Animal Mania: I love zebra.

I am totally unique just like my fellow 20somethings when it comes to obsessing over animal print. In particular, my favorite animal print 100% has to be zebra. I know people love leopard, cheetah, giraffe, etc. as well but I love the monochromatic-ness of the zebra pattern. The black and white is clean and simple yet still fun and unique. I mean, they do say "no zebra shares the same stripes" right? So, anyway, I am so excited to share this manicure with you all. I think it's one of my absolute favorites of all my designs and I really think they came out well! Check them out:
I used Orly White Out for the base (quite a few coats, too) and then Orly Liquid Vinyl for the stripes. As my boyfriend said when I sent him a picture, "They looked spot - er, stripe on." :)

And now to convince you all how zebra obsessed I am. My roommate always jokes with me when she sees a girl with anything zebra. An umbrella, rain boots, you name it, she says I would go steal it if that would be acceptable. Sad thing is, I would totally consider taking down someone wearing really cute zebra rain boots or rocking a zebra book bag. Let's take a look at the evidence.

Exhibit A: My really fantastic (and completely useful!) zebra duct duck tape. I even used this duct tape to give a little pizzazz to my apartment light switch.
Exhibit B: My super duper Nicole Miller zebra print wallet. Yes, this excited me for TWO reasons:  (1) it was zebra and (2) the designer and I share the name "Nicole". See? No question, I HAD to have it! 
And last but not least, Exhibit C: my entire bed. From pillows to sheets (including a body pillow), everything is zebra.
See? So yeah, wayyy obsessive over zebra right now. What are your thoughts on animal print? Anyone else into animal as much as me?


  1. Love zebra too! your room is awesome and your nails sooo perfect!

  2. I love zebra stipes!!!
    Beautiful and you're room too.


  3. Hey, I'm not sure if you would find it an issue but I'm being kind and informing you on this. The nail art blog widely known as Nailside which is run by someone of the name Jane is going around saying SHE created lightning bolt manis. Upon googling I discovered this post of doing lightning bolt manis. I think it is safe to say this is the oldest post with that design and that if you truly did create them she is stealing your thunder.(HA punny XD) Going around requesting people link to her blog. I think she viciously hunts for those using the design and claims it as her own. Just thought I'd inform a fellow nail artist on the plagiarism nailside is partaking in. :) Have a good one.

  4. OMG! I am in love with zebra print too i had Zebra slippers,duck tape,Pj pants,purse,and a whole bed set. Oh and i am wearing a zebra shirt as i type this

  5. Hahaha, that's because zebra is the best pattern ever!! Thank you for commenting! :)


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