20th Birthday for the Broski

It's not every day your little brother enters into his roaring 20s so my family decided to celebrate by going to where some real roaring happens...the zoo! He's not really one for big hullabaloos and he's fine with pretty much anything so this was the perfect celebration for him. My favorite part of any zoo is always the big cats. I think it's because when I used to work late nights (9 pm to 4 am) I would sleep all day and my sister would call me a lion. If I could pick any animal to be it would probably be a type of big cat, such as this tiger!
I mean, who doesn't want to lounge around and snooze all day?? Where do I sign up? The zoo also has this really cool network of overhead tunnels that the big cats can roam through. I caught this one picking a shady spot up near the trees for a snooze.
My second favorite part would be the zebras. I would guess this surprises nobody because zebra strips is one of my go to nail designs. What can I say? It's easy and always looks good! If you don't believe me check out my old zebra nail posts here, here, here, and one of the super old ones here. Also, a little Nikki's Nail Files trivia for you...a zebra pedicure was included as one of my very first blog posts all those years ago!
He's not one for photos but we were able to get him to join us for a photo with a giant kangaroo.
And of course the day ended with cake. Like I said, Broski isn't one for photos and definitely won't be caught taking a selfie with me (WAHH!) so I have to seize the opportunity when I have it!
Happy 20th Birthday Broski! 
I hope you have a fantastic year!

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