Monday, February 6, 2017

101 in 1001: #6 Reconnect with a Friend from High School

As you know, I'm trying to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days and I'm keeping track of it on my blog here. One of the items is to reconnect with a friend from high school. I guess it's not surprising that I am no longer "friends" with my high school buddies. Sure we keep track of each other on Facebook and we periodically check in and wish each other a happy birthday from year to year. But, I wanted to actually catch up with one of them and see how they've changed as a person (and also how they've stayed the same). My best friend from high school is J, and she and I still text to this day. In fact, we graduated high school and were roommates the first semester of college. After that she dropped out to move back home and I continued to graduation from the school. She was interested in going to law school but just recently completed a paralegal program. We've always had a lot in common and I would love to ask her to be in my wedding. However, we definitely lost touch a bit throughout the years so I don't know if that would be weird or not.

This past weekend our high school was doing a Quizzo Trivia Night as a fundraiser. So naturally, we took the opportunity to go and hang out in our old stomping grounds. Our Quizzo team consisted of me, Andrew, J, and a fellow classmate and friend of ours, K, and our team name was the Quizzards of Oz. We decorated our table to look like the yellow brick road and Emerald City. We may not have done so well with the actual trivia...but it was really nice to see J and to catch up with K. I have seen J over the years multiple times (as I said, we lost touch but still remained close) but I haven't seen K since graduation probably. She has really changed a lot!
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And here's a "bathroom selfie" lol. We all look so different from high school days.

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