Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paul McCartney in Concert

Had a bit of fun tonight because Paul McCartney (aka one of the Beatles) came to put on a concert in Philadelphia and the future-Mr. and I had tickets to go! The last time we went was in 2010 (and I blogged about it) and it was completely incredible so I was really excited to get to see him in concert again. He was here last year but I couldn't go because it was Father's Day and I spent the day with my Dad instead. Andrew went with his buddy and I was jellyyyyy. Anyway, here are the nails I painted for Sir Paul!
Seriously, if you enjoy Paul McCartney's music you should absolutely go see him in concert. He puts on a completely fabulous show.


  1. I guess now it's my turn to be jealous... I'd love to go to one of his concerts :)

    1. I don't get to go to concerts often but when he comes around I definitely try to. I hope you get to see him if you want to!

  2. I love that mani! I don't think I could paint good piano keys if my life depended on it!

  3. He's a legend!
    And your nails are amazing :D x


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