Friday, January 9, 2015

Blog Update

Hi everyone!

As you can tell, I have been totally neglecting my blog recently. I am so sorry for that! I was preparing for finals and then I was away in Colorado and then celebrating the Holidays with my family, seeing friends, and going to a wedding so I was super busy (even my nail polish chipped and I failed to keep them well painted!!). I hope December was as fun for you all as it was for me! In order to try and make it up to you, let me share with you my December:

It started off with studying for finals. This was no fun and my apartment was covered in books, papers, notes, flashcards, outlines, and pretty much anything you can think of:
Not even 16 hours after my last final I was getting on a plane to visit the boyfriend in Colorado. As you know he had to go there for 6 months for work BUT he'll be back at the end of this month! I'm so excited for him to be somewhat local again. Colorado was an absolute blast! We went to see a Cartier exhibit at the Denver Art Museum that was incredibly gorgeous (think diamonds upon diamonds upon DIAMONDS!), walked through the Christmas lights at the Denver Zoo, had some delicious food, and visited the Olympic Training facility in Colorado Springs. We were pretty busy but it was so much fun and I really like Colorado.

After a week of wandering around Colorado I came home (with Andrew of course) back to the East Coast and we had a few days at our family homes to celebrate Christmas. I had decorated my apartment for Christmas but I never spend Christmas here so I don't think I get to enjoy it as much as I could! Especially since this year I left right after finals and didn't really get to see my tree other than a few days. I had decorated it with Andrew when he was here over Thanksgiving and I really like the way it turned out. I never can decide whether I like all white lights on the Christmas tree or multicolored lights on the tree. For this year I went with all white lights, multicolored garland, and a beaucoup amount of Christmas ornaments. I swear, the tree had soooo many ornaments on it. Christmas balls, Peanuts ornaments, snowflakes, glittery stars, etc. I really liked the way it ended up looking and adding the presents under the tree made Christmas feel like it was that much closer to coming!

I LOVE figuring out presents to buy people and I get really excited when all the packages start arriving at my apartment. I sort of feel like it becomes Santa's workshop, you know? I'm trying so hard to use up a specific roll of wrapping paper that I have been using for the last few years. I do most of my shopping online and I especially loved seeing this box, sent from Newegg, on my doorstep:
Anyway, then we packed up all the presents and carted them to my parents' house. We do the Italian tradition of Seven Fish on Christmas Eve (which is a tad sad because Andrew doesn't eat fish :) ) and I helped my mom prepare it this year. After Christms Eve dinner we headed to the midnight mass and then came home and everyone went to sleep. Because my family is pretty much all adults now (my younger brother will be 18 in a few months), we don't wake up around 5 am on Christmas morning like we used to. Instead, we all got in from Christmas Eve mass and slept in until around 10. Then we all had breakfast before making our way down to the family room to open presents. I may be an adult but I'm a sucker for presents. I love being spoiled I guess? I also love giving presents though too so I think it all evens out. After we finished opening presents we all just kind of relaxed....even the dog had a busy Christmas morning apparently:
Yes, he's sleeping on the couch (which isn't usually allowed but I was the only one down there so shhh no one needs to know!) using the headrest as a pillow. He's such a little person sometimes.

Then Andrew and I headed to a wedding a few days after Christmas so we had to come back to my apartment. A buddy of mine from the law firm I work at was getting married and invited both of us. The wedding was fun and it is always a good time when you get to dress up! The wedding had a photobooth where guests could try on all different hats, glasses, signs, etc to get some crazy photos. One of them was this one:
I don't have many photos of Andrew and I so I really like this one even despite the crazy colorful hats. I especially love Andrew's blue and dalmation pimp hat with his gray suit. So fashionable :) We were trying to make a heart with our hands...but it didn't really work out.

After the wedding we headed back up to our parents' homes (thank god they are so close together and only about an hour from me) for New Years where we had hors d'oevres at Andrew's parents' house and then spent the midnight celebration with my family, Steph's fiance, and her friend Kelly.

Then I had to drop Andrew at the airport a few days later so that he could return to Colorado :( It's only for a month though so I'm excited for his return. Finally, on the 7th I started back at school....and it snowed:
That pretty much brings everyone up to speed and hopefully you can all see why I've been away from my blog for so long! It's hard to paint my nails outside of my apartment and I never brought any polish with me anywhere! However, I did buy three polishes in Colorado because my nails just got disgusting looking (so chipped!) and I couldn't stand it. These polishes will be one of my first posts this year!

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