Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 Week Nail Art Challenge - Week 9: Rainbow

For today's post I have Week Nine of the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge for all you! I am actually pulling out a photographed nail look that I uncovered while going through my phone's photos a few weeks ago. There were a few manicures that I had taken pictures of but never uploaded to use on my blog in a timely fashion. I wanted to share them anyway, and the photo fit perfectly with Week 9, so here is my rainbow manicure (from the vault) for Week 9 of the 31 Week Challenge:
I know it's very simple but I just like how colorful it is. Especially when the weather is cool and winter is coming I like the idea of having summery, colorful nails (when I'm not working) to keep me reminded that warm weather is coming back eventually!

Be sure to check what Ghila over on NailsNoob has come up with for this week of the challenge!
Up next, week 10 - Gradient nails. Oh all know how I am terrible at gradients so this coming week should be fun!

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  1. one of the things i adore about your style is that you are able to do very simple and playful manis, yet defenetly with something more to, in the target and with a clear theme. I love this mani and the fact that you choose to unusually divide in two just a couple of them and leaving swatches on the rest. i like to think that even girls who are not nail art skilled can have fun and be different with a lot of your ideas! thank you so much as always for the shout out, i'll be emailing you soon and looking fwd to find you on social network and keep in touch in a closer way!..and tonight or tomorrow is gradient for me..yey! i love it, but just wait till water marble time comes..scary!!!


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