Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Last "First Day": Back to School!

Well, here it is again folks. You know that thing that releases its clutches on students between the months of June and August?? Yeah, I'm talking about school. I start my last (as in final!!) year of school TOMORROW and I can't even believe my educational journey is only 9 months from its conclusion. I've attended five different schools, studied four different major courses of study (chemistry, psychology, Spanish, and law), been awarded thousands in student loans and scholarships, and it's all coming down to this one single degree: a Juris Doctor. That's right, this time next year I will hopefully have a law degree on my wall, a license to practice law in the states I choose, and a nicely paying job that will make all of the effort worth it. Keep your fingers crossed, I think this year will be a difficult one with the job search and the impending Bar Exam next July. Because this is my last Back to School post I will (hopefully) ever do...I decided to go with my favorite blue polishes and then have a different design on each finger:
And in case you love 80s movies as much as I do...enjoy this little tidbit of Grease 2 which is perfectly on point for the occasion (minus the fact that they are talking about high school and I'm past that and then some):
"Whoa whoa, I've gotta go back to school"


  1. Great nails Nikki, good luck with it all :-D I'm sure you'll keep us posted on how you are getting on :-)

  2. I love it! And congrats on only having 9 months left!


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