Friday, April 11, 2014

Swatch: Sinful Colors Pull Over

Over the weekend I spent some quality time with my little broski....who is learning to drive. In my family, the driving situation is this: my mom and dad both drive large vehicles (a truck for my dad and an SUV for my mom) whereas my sister and I both drive smaller cars (a sedan for Steph and a sports coup for me). Anyway, back to the point: My brother recently got his learner's permit, which means he can now learn to drive. And because I'm older than 21, I'm allowed to drive with him! I had promised that I would let him drive my car, seeing as my car--in my (and his) opinion--is the coolest of them all. Let me just ask, have any of you taught someone to drive? I should have gotten my parents a fruit basket or a bottle of wine or a week at the spa when they let me learn to drive. That stuff is nerve wracking! I hope I didn't get any gray hairs (just kidding)! I mean, handing my keys over to another driver is one thing but being in a car with someone who has never driven before and the speed of 15 feels like you're going 35 miles per hour is just a tad more stressful. I will say this though, my little bro can parallel park like a champ even on his first try. I'm pretty sure I told him "pull over" a few times and that leads me to my post of today. I was rummaging through my polish and found this gorgeous springtime yellow by the name of Pull Over. How perfect is that? #Winning!

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  1. haha! i love the way you introduced the polish, i didn't expect it till i finished to read. i hope your weekend will heal all the stress, and i like to know stuff about your daily life. congrats to your bro, and this is one goargeous yellow! you are right: very springtime friendly, and i'd say very happy too.


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