Happy Birthday S!!

Today's manicure is to celebrate a certain best college friend of mine who is turning 24 today and is wayyy too far away for me to buy her a drink or celebrate with her in person. Yes, I'm talking about you S. Happy birthday! I decided to do a mani that is inspired by one of our favorite quotes by one of our favorite movies....Bridesmaids:
Hahaha, I can't look at that without cracking up! So many quotable lines in that movie!
Totally not typical birthday nails but....whatevs. It's perfect.


  1. Cute! I like the trees :-)

    Don't know the film lol!

    1. Thank you :) The film really is nothing special. It's just one of those movies you watch with a buddy and then for whatever reason it becomes THE FILM that you quote with your friend. You're not missing anything.

  2. ok now: i absolutely love every single detail about this post. i love how you use to dedicate your manis to the beloved people around you, i love how you keep on making movies inspired manis, i love the fact that you quote them, i love that you unbelivably find some gifs exactley for the scene and quote you are talking about, and i love how bubbly this mani looks, the trees are so cute and this mani is so casual style and wearable, it makes me wanna smile! love it.


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