No more street racing...

Last night on a very spur of the moment trip to Giant, I realized my car's headlights weren't on. Go figure. I stop, get out, check the lights, start playing with all the knobs and gadgets on my dash and...nothing. Fogs were fine. Running lights were fine. Headlights....nada. Very weird and very annoying so I called my family, the only one to pick up was my sister. It looks like I have some weekend plans after all. I am heading home to see what happened to my little lady car. I guess I should warn you that I have a very abnormal love for my car, my little Mitsubishi eclipse named Sylvia (because she's silver--ohhh aren't I witty?). Either way, to go back to the title of the post: I guess it's not really "no more street racing." It should be "no more street the dark" instead. ;)
I used Kleancolor Silver Pearl as the base with Color Club Art Club in red. 

But, I have found a silver lining to this colossal cloud of suckitude! By going home I can finally pick up my Zoyas that I have been dreaming of since I ordered them for the 3free promo. Win! Expect a post soon with the new troops for my Zoya Army :D

And a photo of my Mitsubishi baby:

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