Nails of November Post #8 - Swatch: OPI I Have A Herring Problem

This post is actually from the vault (aka, pulled from my computer because I forgot I made it!). Here we go, another Nails of November swatch. This time I can't say I'm left as giddy with polishaffection as I was with Sinful Colors Blue By You from November 1st, this one is just plain ok. The polish in the bottle looks much much more beautiful than it does in these pictures or on my nails. I thought the color would look really nice with my skintone but...ehhh I think I'm wrong. This polish is OPI I Have a Herring Problem. I think it might be a dupe for Zoya Skylar but, since I own Jo and not Skylar, I can't post a Dupe Dispute on that.  Overall this polish leaves me with an overwhelming sense of blah. Although my actual nail length and shape in this photo is phenoms. They are almost all even...and are pretty long for me. Too bad they are totally not like this anymore!


  1. I think this color is really pretty, not sure if I would prefer Skylar though. Skylar seems a little more blue and this one looks a little more grey....Too bad you don't like this with your skin tone. But I think it looks gorgeous :)

  2. Thank you! I warmed up to it after having it on my nails for a bit :)


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