Monday, May 9, 2011

These are the bees knees!

First of four finals is now finished. What to do now? Pack, celebrate my 21st birthday (in 2 dayssss!), and study for the rest of my finals. I can't wait until I'm home and summer has officially begun! These nails aren't mine...they're my roommate's. It's a bumble bee on the ring finger with it's flying path on the others. Flowers were stamped on the pinkie but it was too light to see in this picture.
For these nails I used OPI What's with the Cattitude? as a base. The design was made in Orly Liquid Vinyl, China Glaze Solar Power, and Orly White Out.


  1. Cute. They look like the ones Melissa did on the Daily Nail.

  2. When did Melissa do bumblebees? I missed it!

  3. cute! I think bubzbeauty did a video on this!


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