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Hey everyone! A little while ago McDiaz714 (also known as Maria) of Nails Made Simple! gave me the Kreativ Blogger award! :D I'm so excited that she chose my blog to earn this award. Thank you so much McDiaz714 for your enthusiasm for nail blogging and your encouragement of my little nail blog Nikki's Nail Files.

So, as with most awards that circle the blogosphere, there are rules. These rules are simple: (1) Write 10 facts about yourself and (2) award 10 other bloggers!

Let's begin,
Fact 1: I started blogging last summer. It was my sister's idea. I would do my nails and then be sad when I wanted to redo them because it was like erasing something. Now I get to look back on any design I did.
Fact 2: I hate my cell phone. It drops almost every call it gets and I can't wait to replace it ASAP.
Fact 3: I looove movies. Seriously. A night of movie watching is my list of perfect dates.
Fact 4: My favorite polish brand is China Glaze. I just love all the color choices they have, their price tag, AND all the BLUE polishes they have for me to lust after. Not to mention they have DV8 (see fact 5).
Fact 5: I recently read a post by Shadow of Shadow's Nail Art about her recent purchase of her number one lemming: DV8. And I must say, DV8 is a polish I've lusted after since I saw it on a blog about a year and a half ago. I've found sooo many places that are selling it....for $13+. To date, the most I've spent on a single polish was $10 and I'd like to keep it that way. Then again, DV8 does look absolutely incredible. Seeing it in Shadow's post almost had me sliding my debit card out of my wallet and searching for it again.
Fact 6: I talk to other cars on the road when I'm driving. Literally. But not like I have conversations....I just make comments. I feel like everyone does that though.
Fact 7: I am currently on the prowl for an Ikea Helmer. Everyone seems to have one and stand by it as one of the best polish storage units available. I think I'm going tomorrow with Steph to pick one up. It's long overdue here in my house of polish.
Fact 8: I'm out of school and am looking for things to giveaway for my very first blog giveaway!! So keep your eyes peeled.
Fact 9: I loooove painting my nails (fingers and toes). My toes are polished 24/7 (except when switching polishes obviously) 365. I'm not joking. Literally, they are ALWAYS painted. I always say there's no excuse for unpolished piggies.
Fact 10: I'm always checking out people's nails. In fact, one time my boyfriend and I were out for dinner and my server was sporting a black/sparkle layered look that caught my eye. I decided to let her tip ride on her manicure. I decided she'd get a good tip for a Walgreen/target/wal-mart brand polish, a great tip for a polish from OPI, China Glaze, or Essie, and an awesome tip if it was rare (like DV8). It ended up being Sinful Colors with a Forever 21 polish over it. We chatted for a bit about polishes.

Ok, that's 10 semi-odd facts about me. Now for the 10 lucky ladies I've tagged with this award:
1. Nikki of Nikki's Nails
3. Irides of Lemming Monster
4. Chloe of Chloe's Nails
7. Elizabeth of Life and Polish
8. Kristen of Glitta Gloves
9. Andi of Viva Polish!

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