Swatch: Jade

Today's post is a quick one because I'm about to sit down and do a practice LSAT. I wanted to do a swatch post and this color popped out at me. It's Forever 21's "Love & Beauty" polish in Jade. It's so gorgeous, the absolute perfect color to pick me up after all the rain we've been having here. I can't wait for it to be nice out. Ok, well, enjoy the pictures!

Overall I'd say it's a great polish. The application was smooth and fast. It applied evenly and was perfect in 2 coats. Chips and other nail wear stayed away for three days (and that was with working as a server in a restaurant--which is saying something for polish wear). The color is GORGEOUS. It reminds me of mermaids. Konadability has yet to be checked but I have a plan for that. 


  1. Fantastic color, gorgeous blue green! Good luck on your LSTAT's when ever the time comes. Oh and I totally feel your pain as a server ugh, been there done that for 5 years. Glad that crap is behind me.

  2. Thanks Loodie! The LSAT is June 8th so it's fast approaching! Thank you for wishing me luck, I'll need as much as I can get! And being a server sucks when it comes to nails. It kills them. But hey, the cash is always good!


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