A French Fit For a Wedding

My friend Sarah's older sister is getting married in Jamaica this Friday. Sarah (a bridesmaid) asked me if I would do her nails for the wedding and I was so excited I said yes without thinking. The only problem was...I couldn't remember doing a real French manicure ever before. If I messed up and she just wanted a French manicure I wouldn't feel as bad as if I messed up a French manicure that she'd be wearing to a wedding. That being said, I think they really came out nicely! Check out my first real French mani:

She wanted a pedicure, too!
For this French manicure I used Brucci Bare Essentials and Orly White Out. 


  1. you did great! that's really cool someone wanted you to do their nails for something so important!

  2. Thanks so much Lenae! I try not to flatter myself too much though since I'm sure she realized I would do it for free when a salon would charge her $20+! Still, I take it as a compliment above all and I was so flattered she asked me to do them for an occasion as special as her sister's wedding :)


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