An Early Birthday Present

Hello dear readers! I was so ecstatic when I checked my blog today and saw that I had hit 50 followers! What a great early birthday present for me! I've decided I'm going to be doing *drumroll please* my first blog giveaway, a 50 follower giveaway to celebrate me hitting the mark. However, hang tight because I've decided I'm going to postpone it until after this semester is over. All next week are finals (and my birthday--aren't I lucky right? Finals and my birthday in the same week, yay.) and then I pack up and ship out. Ok, maybe I just pack up and drive out but still. As soon as I get all settled back into my parents' house I will hop on the giveaway train. My only question is hmmm, what to give away!?

Also, of course, a quick and huge THANK YOU to all the people who have stopped by and read my blog at all. Thank you so much for keeping this fun! I have tons of fun painting my nails and having people who are as obsessed with polish as I am is really awesome. I appreciate every visit and every comment. Thanks everyone!


  1. Congratulations! Reaching 50 is a huge accomplishment :D


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