Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toetally Tuesday #11 - No Spring Yet

Was anyone else teased by the weather yesterday? It was so nice out. I'm talking sunny, comfortable temperature...I even took of my jacket walking back from class midday. It was wonderful. Then today, ugh, no such luck. It was back to being cold. For today's Toetally Tuesday post I wanted to do something that kind of hinted toward spring but then remained in winter-land. I saw my line of new Zoyas and decided Shawn would be absolutely perfect. It's green so I immediately think of spring's flowers and the green grass my friends and I lounge on in the Dell on nice days but it's just dark enough to keep the whole I'm-freezing-cold-winter-esque type feeling. I added white polka dots across the top because, well, because I could?
I used Zoya Shawn for the base and Orly White Out for the dots :) I really like how simple it is.

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