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As promised, here is a post about my twelve 13 new Zoyas. Yes, it was a 3free promo so technically it should have worked out to be 12 but my superfantabulous boyfriend heard me when I said I liked the polish Nikki but how it was 13th on my list and so he got it for meeee! Aww, so cute :) Anyway, here are the new troops!

I didn't have time to segregate the polishes into groups of three (I'll do that tomorrow after the exam I've been studying for) but I wanted to get them up and all. For those of you who, like me, cannot read those teeny tiny little labels in the pictures here's the list: Dawn, Kristi, Ki, Savita, Yummy, Tallulah, Akyra, Nikki, Veruschka, Ivanka, Shawn, Robyn and Quinn. Can't wait to get swatching but ughh school is getting in the way with a few upcoming exams! GRR!

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  1. Wow you have a little army of Zoyas now! Great picks Im kicking myself for not getting some of those colors. I absolutely love Robyn! I hope they come out with a polish with my name soon.


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