Christina Aguilera's Liberation Concert

To be honest, I am a HUGE fan of 1999-2010 Christina Aguilera. Turn on Dirrty or Genie in a Bottle and I am immediately transported back to my pre-teen/teenager days singing and dancing along with my girl, X-tina. Her newest albums were just okay but when I heard she was going on tour first the first time in a decade I knew I had to be there. She was stopping for a show not too far from my home so I called up my sister and asked if she would join me on my trek down memory lane.

The concert was at the Mark G. Etess Arena in the new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
I didn't get too many good shots because I have no idea how to counteract the intense tour lights but here are some:
Her concert gave me some Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift vibes. And here costumes were crazy! We had so much fun. And here are a  few videos:

We ended the night with some gelato from inside the casino. Not going to lie, it was nice having gelato and it was so tasty. Maybe not as good as the gelato we had in Italy but it was a good solid second.
It such a nice way to kick back after a stressful week. Can't wait for the next concert!

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