My Wedding: Shoe Selection

Now that I have finally decided on a dress (I can't stop googling it and looking at photos of it by the way--I'm obsessed) I can start looking for jewelry and, even more fun for me, shoes! I've been combing the internet trying to find the perfect pair and I've come across these:
They are both from the Blue by Betsy Johnson line and I like them because they're silver, sparkly, and have a pretty blue sole. They can serve as my "something blue" on the wedding day. The pair on the right are called Teena the and the pair on the left is the Tee heels. I think I'm leaning toward the Teenas BUT there were some other options too.
The ones on the left are called The Harlow by Touch Ups. I like them in the white but they also have them in silver. I'm thinking if I don't choose these for the wedding day I could always choose them for my friend's wedding in May. The shoes on the right are the Golda pumps by Adrianna Papell. Interesting fact, Adriana Papell is the designer of the bridesmaids dresses Sarah choose for us to wear in her wedding. I really like these because of the rhinestone bottom -- the shoe itself is pretty simple but then there's tat a little bit of glitz.

It's funny when planning a wedding. Things that otherwise would be unimportant (I mean really, who cares what shoes I wear?!) become these monumental decisions. Too funny. 266 days until the wedding!


  1. i still can't belive you are getting married, every time i read a post i'm shocked. in a positive way of course. ok, wait, what did i lose? where's a post on your wedding gown????? unto the shoes: the silver ones are the ones to catch one's eye first, but then i thought they're more for a dance competition then for a wedding. the last white ones are probably the ones my style would favour, but they are very classic and predictable as well. i love them though, very discreet and romantic. in life i've always thought a good halfway is best, so to get a little bit of both worlds, so my final choice would be the harlow, the rhinestones give them that little extra touch to make them noticeable but not too much. i love them.

  2. I see you in the Tee shoes. I can't see you not representing your favorite color somehow!


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