Quiet Tuesday Night

I caught myself thinking is it really only Tuesday? multiple times today at work. Is the week dragging for anyone else? Between phone calls, emails, motions that need to be filed, medical records that need to be reviewed, and billing, billing, billing (always billing), I feel like I'm running a marathon this week! And it's only Tuesday. That's one of the reasons I cherished the quiet, relaxing night I had once I got home from work. Andrew is working late tonight so I was able to come home, change into comfortable clothes, talk on the phone with my sister for a bit, and decide what to make for dinner. I've been in a pasta mood lately (which is surprising because I'm usually not too huge a fan of pasta. Don't get me wrong--pasta is delicious--I just find myself leaning toward other things more often) so I settled on preparing a cavatappi with meatball and vodka sauce. Now, before it goes sounding all impressive--I used frozen meatballs and prepackaged gravies. Ah, yes I call it gravy. I'm Italian! I made dinner, poured myself a glass of wine, and settled in to watch some TV on my laptop and paint my nails. I'll probably post a swatch post later but for now it's just me, my laptop, and my dinner!

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  1. sounds like a very nice self treat night you surely deserve but..only that little of pasta? it looks delicious!..and an italian from italy is telling you that! lol


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