Traveling Woes

I travel a lot for work. And I don't mean I travel to any cool places like Europe or Asia. Instead I'm schlepping to and from courthouses all throughout the state, trying not to drop files, juggle an umbrella so I (and my file--most importantly my file) won't get drenched, and every now and then getting the courthouse, in the parking garage before I get to the courthouse, and/or in teh town before I get to the parking garage. I've become accustomed to not really knowing where I am or how to get home. And I don't even mind logging almost 4500 miles on my car in a matter of 2-3 months. However, this week was by far the worst since I started, as I was driving no less than one hour away for every single thing. It's a good thing I really enjoy driving...because I sure do a lot of it:
I also do a fair amount of eating in my car while on the go. Not always fun. And typically very messy.
I believe the noshing session photographed above cost me my black and white striped shirt. I'm a messy eater...

And this sucked too. It poured on the way home from a court appearance. I took about 2.5 when it should have taken about an hour and twenty minutes. Ugh!!


  1. I know what you mean about being lost. I'm directionally impaired, and I NEED GPS to keep me out of trouble. If only it worked inside buildings too!

  2. Dear Nikki, I've really enjoyed reading from you and the style you've written this in is very neat. However, I kind of feel a nostalgic background to all of that. It may be me, missing the times when you had time to blog often about fun stuff and to mail me your happy vibes, i don't know. I hope you are happy. I hope you have the time to enjoy your life and engagement with A. and to still paint your nails. I hope that you feel as excited about your job as I remember you to have been telling us on a post when you firt got it. I hope your life has taken and is taking you nowhere else then where you want to be and that the sense of being lost is freeing and only geographical. Lots of love.


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