Christmas at Longwood

Hoooray! It's officially holiday season! I know this time of year can be challenging for people but for me I really enjoy the whole ramp up to New Year's Eve. I enjoy the shopping, the cookies, the good food and good times, and last but not least, the decorations! Christmas trees, ornaments, lights, oh my! We put up our Christmas tree on Friday (another post about that later!) and yesterday we visited Longwood Gardens for their Christmas Lights display. This is the second time Andrew and I have gone to the Christmas Lights and, if you remember back to April here on the blog, this is the first time we've returned since he proposed to me there!! Here are some of the photos we took while walking around:
And the stunningly gorgeous trees:
They have more than just lights though. There also had a short show featuring an organ player. Have you ever seen an organ? It's sort of intense and I have no clue how one plays it. I did learn that organists (is that the word?) wear special heeled shoes so they can play the organ comfortably. Who knew?
They also had a huge train set up with a couple different train lines running. One was Thomas the Train, lol.
There was also a few fire pits which was a good spot to rest and warm up our hands since it was a tad chilly!
And of course, there's the flowers that Longwood Gardens is known for...including these roses!
Yikes this is a photo-heavy post!! No wonder it took so long to type out! Are there any Christmas traditions you do?


  1. "Walking in a winter wonderlaaaaaand!!!" I've always desired to spend a holidays season in the states..and A.'s hair is short!!! happy holidays dear, hugs.

    1. I know right! It's so hard to believe that when we started dating he had hair that was down to his shoulders. No lie!


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