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Every year right around this time of the year I go through a bit of shopping madness. Can you blame me? Between holiday sales, end of the year sales, black Friday sales, there are so many great sales and shopping to be had! So what is on my shopping list this year? Well, the usual. Jackets, coats, blazers, and shoes!

And of course we can't go into winter in the northeast without the perfect pair of winter boots, right? All throughout college and law school I just used my $20 TJ Maxx rain boots as my winter boots but now I feel like it's time to invest in a legitimate pair of winter boots. Plus, I just bought my Hunter boots and I'm going to save those for just the rain! Here are the contenders for now:
Ahhh, I really can't decide which one. I love the periwinkle laces but I can't decide if I would like the tan or the gray more! I know what you're thinking...why not just buy both?...and I hear you but having never had true winter boots I can't justify two at once. Maybe one this year and one next year? I don't know, do you really need TWO sets of winter boots? I don't live in Alaska! Pennsylvania/New Jersey gets snow and the last few year boy has it gotten snow but usually it's just two or three big storms and we're done. Ah! Which should I choose?! Cast your vote in the comments!

Enough about winter boots, here are other shoes I'm drooling over:

Lastly, I need a small black crossbody bag. I'm thinking these are good options:


  1. I think you can get by with one pair of boots. I'm from Connecticut, and I have one pair. My boots look like #8 without the fur. However, I can't help thinking coat #1 would look snazzy with boots #7. I also like shoes #1 and #3. Purse #2 rocks. :)

  2. Ooohh... can I have blazer #2? And leather jacket #6 but in black please? I don't have much need for winter boots so I'll skip those but no way I'm letting those gorgeous shoes #2 even an inch away from my greedy hands... and after that I'll probably use my old black bag as I've noticed those pumps come in a different color combination too :D

  3. as soon as i saw outfit nr.2, i could picture you in it!


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