Friday Favorites: March

It's March! Which means a lot of things here on The Files: I've been working for a month (yay!). It's Andrew's birthday this month. It's the beginning of Spring! And of course another Friday Favorites post! So here are a few things I'm really digging right now:

1. The color combination navy blue and yellow:
There's just something so cute about it.

2. Being Maid of Honor
You all know that I was Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding this past September, but I am now officially a Maid of Honor times two. That's right, I'm a MOH a second time -- this time for my college buddy Sarah's wedding next year!You might remember my engagement congratulations nails I did for them earlier this year. So you all know what that means....ANOTHER wedding planning process all captured and shared here on the blog! I will say this though, this wedding is going to be a completely different style than my sister's. I'll probably do a whole intro post on this new wedding at some point. At any rate, I am clearly a Maid of Honor Extraordinaire! I can't wait to start planning!

3. This Pop the Champagne shirt from T and  J design. I have been obsessed with this tee every since I saw it and I may have even already included this in one of my Friday Favorites. I just love it. I think paired with black skinny pants and a fun bag would be perfection.
What are you digging right now??


  1. i love this kind of posts and every time i read it i think i should do something like that as well but never do, never on time. congrats on being a maid of honor again! how much of sweetheart have you to be, to be chosen for such a major role in a life milestone love celebration by so many people?! i really like the combo of casual tee and golden fancy skirt in this pic. what am i really diggin' right now? not sure, might as well think about it and make a post...

    1. Thank you! I like when I can do posts that aren't all about nails (not that I don't love those too!). Also it makes it easier to keep posting even when I don't have a ton of time!

  2. Wow, congratulations! It's not everyday someone is maid of honor twice!

    1. Thank you so much! I feel doubly lucky to be involved in two weddings of people so important to me.


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