Happy New Year: Best of 2012!

It's time for my yearly "Best of" post!! These are the top 12 best nail polishes and/or nail designs I came by in the year 2012!

12. Black and Pink Moonicures

11. Gold and Black leopard manicure

10.  DV8

9. Galaxy nails

8. Pinterest inspired "Pretty Polka Dotties"

7. Fireworks from the 4th of July

6. Summer Olympics 2012 nails

5. Thanksgiving "Thank You" Manicure

2.  Mi Mini Minion Manicure from September:

And my favorite manicure of 2012 is.....Monarch Butterfly nails:

Happy New Year's Eve everybody! I'll be doing what I also do on NYE....nothing. Jk, hanging with fam drinking champagne!

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