Skateboarder Birthday Nails!!

It's one of my precious cousin's birthdayssss today!! Of course, I like to celebrate things by doing what? Painting my nails! While I was trying to come up with an idea, I remembered when he visited us for the Fourth of July he posed an idea for a post on my blog: Skateboard Logos. So...I searched high and low for possible ideas because this girl right here has NO familiarity of skateboard logos. I did date a skateboarder when I was 16 though...he was all about DC and I may have a pair of Vans sneakers in my closet still from that time as we speak. 

So, after googling ideas I settled on (and I hope they're recognizable): 
Thumb - Vans
Index - DC
Middle Finger - Just a shadow of  my cousin on his skateboard :)
Ring finger: Santa Cruz
Pinkie - Fallen

...I hope they're skateboard logos...

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