Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spa Sunday/Sarah's Cousin's Visit

After a week of working out like a boss I needed some pampering! My apartment-mate and I had a "Spa Sunday" celebration with manicures, pedicures, and face masks! (all that was missing was some wine..haha) Check out the nails!
And since Sarah's cousin came to visit Etown (she's starting the college search) I did her nails yesterday:
I found the inspiration for these on I loooove that site!

Also, as far as fitness goes, this week I think I did pretty well. My breakdown below is from dailymile (loooove that site). I just wanted to mention it because it's a really great community of people who value fitness and healthiness. By far one of my most visited websites these days. Ok, to the workout breakdown:
Monday: 3.5 mile run + P90x Ab Ripper :) 
Tuesday: 2.2 mile run
Wednesday: rest day
Thursday: 2.16 mile run + 8 mile cycle + Karyn S (from dailymile) workout
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 2 mile run + 8 mile cycle + POP Pilates "Inner Thigh Insanity"

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