Sunday, October 5, 2014

31 Week Nail Art Challenge: Week 5 - Blue

Sheesh there's a lot going on right now. Here's the deal everyone, I think it slipped my mind last week to post and apparently even to photograph my Week 5 nails for the 30 Week Nail Art Challenge! So this week at some point I will be posting both Week 5 AND Week 6 manicures. Unfortunately, I did not photograph my blue nails that were most recently done but fear not! I am in the process of switching over cell phones from my old HTC DNA to a newer Samsung Galaxy S3 and in the process I found a blue nail design that has (I think) slipped through the cracks! Have you ever painted your nails and photographed it thinking you were going to post it and then you just forget about it?? Anyway, it's a really pretty nail design and I don't think I ever posted it here on the files. If I have, please let me know! These were done many months ago but I would like to share them as my Week 5 blue manicure.
Simple but pretty, no? I think I may have photographed these but then never posted them because I wasn't pleased with how the flower turned out...or maybe I needed to copy a tutorial and couldn't find the link? I have no clue, but they are posted now and I think they are very very pretty and simple.

Upcoming in the challenge: Week 6 - Purple
I also have SO MANY posts that I have to do it's almost mindboggling! Be sure to check back, you have purple nails, a planner post, and probably a few others that I have up my sleeve!


  1. Nikkiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weird you didn't like the flower, I just think it's stunning with a lot of details. How did you paint it? I also like the blue shade very much. Does this challenge have a date where everyone is at week one ect and is now everyone at week 6 so I'd need to start from here or you can start it whenever you want from week one and just go on? Ttyl

  2. This is a really pretty flower :-)


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