Monday, September 15, 2014

And the crown goes to...

Hello lovelies, today's post relates to a certain very exciting TV program that was on last night. Do you know what I'm talking about? If you guessed Miss America 2015 then yes! You're right! The Miss America pageant was on last night and, despite it derailing me from doing schoolwork like I had anticipated on doing, I enjoyed every second of watching the girls strut their stuff, show off their talents, and dazzle the audience in their evening gowns. I recently went to TJ Maxx with one of my best college friends who was in from Maine and while we were there I picked up a polish that NEEDED to be swatched during Miss America: OPI Miss You-niverse.

OPI Miss You-niverse is from the Miss Universe collection that came out in...2013 I think? It's this absolutely gorgeous deep plum purple color that was pretty much the easiest nail polish to apply ever. I'm pretty sure you could get away with only doing one coat if you were in a rush but I always do at least two coats to make sure I didn't miss anywhere. The color is true-to-bottle which is always good. It was so hard to capture the actual purple of this color on camera because as you can see it kept coming up really dark but I did my best! OPI Miss You-niverse is a perfect winter polish and I'll probably wear it quite a few times this season.
I love how you can barely read the label on the bottle. Black lettering on this dark of a polish....nope, I can't see that.
 In case you didn't watch Miss America....*spoiler alert* New York won (for the third time in a row) and no one fell!
Thanks for looking!

Am I the only one that thought where did I put my ice cream? while watching the bikini competition?

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  1. Gorgeous deep purple! This is my kinda colour :-)


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