Sunday, September 7, 2014

30 Week Nail Art Challenge: Week 3 - Yellow

Hello everybody, oh my gosh I have so much to blog about right now! As you know, I got to visit my sweets (Andrew) in Colorado at the end of August. It was SO much fun and we kept ourselves sooo busy. I'm not sure if I want to do non-manicure posts focusing on the trip or if I want to just throw the trip in along with some manicures. I have sooo many photos though and I hope to share a few with you guys. Anyway, that's all stuff for another day. For today, I have my manicure for Week 3 of the 30 Week Nail Art Challenge. This week's challenge was...yellow nails.
I'm not sure why the yellow base is showing up so orangey-ish but it's definitely bright (like SUN) yellow. I used Sinful Colors Pull Over and China Glaze Broken Hearted.

Next week is - GREEN!

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  1. Nice effect! :-) Cool I'll look forward to that post :-)


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