31 Week Nail Art Challenge courtesy of Nail Art Novice

I found this challenge over on Nail Art Novice while perusing my nail blogs back in March. I knew I wanted to give it a try so I saved it away on my computer. Because I'm severely lacking in creativity and motivation at the moment I figured this would be a semi-easy way to make sure I update my blog at least once a week, regardless of how busy I get. You guys all know how lax I get with my blog sometimes (yes I only posted twice in both June AND July -- I was busy??). 
So, to start this thing off, we have Week 1: Red Nails. I wanted to do something more festive than just look-at-my-nails-that-are-red so I decided to opt for an adorable design done by my blogger pal Ghila! She posted these on "Kisses Day" in Italy and ever since then I thought they were so cute and wanted to recreate them.

Here are my nails for Week 1 of the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge: Red

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  1. I remember Ghila's post and liked it! These nails look amazing as well Nikki! Very cute :-D


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