Toetally Tuesday - I love Inversion!

As I mentioned not too long ago, I'm in a serious polka dot frenzy over here. It's such a simple design and you can have sooo much fun with it. Between changing up the colors, the location and size of the dots, how many you put on one nail...the possibilities are literally endless. I sometimes think I should have named this blog Nikki's Dotted Tips and Toes. I decided to stick with black and white today because I'm so chic and sophisticated. Also, a Toetally Tuesday bonus: I painted my toes and then thought it would look really cool on my fingers too. Too bad it's not nicer weather so people could see my tips AND toes. My piggies are safe in their flats, with the pedicure hidden from view :( but my fingernails are out in the open. I usually don't include a manicure with Toetally Tuesday but with these two designs how could I not?!
My skin seems way too shiny in this photo. Dislike. I swear I'm not a grungeball.

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  1. I toetally adore this one! I never did a black and white look and I didn't think I'd like it so much, it is so vintagey. I also adore the idea of doing your toes and nails with inverted colors. Sometimes we forget how beautiful simple looks can be. You know I have a craze for polka dots designs too, so, since we are discussing collabs, why don't we do a twin post on polka dots, and then consider a longer polka dots challenge, maybe along with Lynette?


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