Collab post with Nails Noob: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed my anniversary post from yesterday (technically today because I posted it today but dated it yesterday!). Anyway, next up is something I've been planning for a while. I'm super excited that Ghila over on Nails Noob enjoyed our collab post so much that she wanted to do another idea! Hence, the "April showers brings May flowers" manicure :)
Be sure to check out her post on April showers bring May flowers! I'm glad to see we both went with blue! Does that just show how much we're on the same page? I think yes!

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  1. Aww dear NIkki, you just made me smile and made my day by saying that you too think we are on the same page!! In fact Ihad no clue you would have chosen blue too..neither that I would. Lol! I really love your sponged clouds and your accent nail is so lovely and romantic, the contrast with the other nails is sublime. I also find it interesting how differently we interpreted this common theme, and I litterally can't wait for our next collab!!


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