Philadelphia Bridal Expo

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon with my Bride-to-Be older sister, my dear mom, and the official first bridesmaid Miss Kelly at the Philadelphia Bridal Expo!! It was so much fun and there were quite a bit of vendors there showing off their products and such. For example, check out the group of 3 photos to the right. The Bride-to-Be (BTB) reallllllly wants a photobooth for her wedding and I have to say, they are so much fun. The BTB (in the pink and black masquerade mask), Bridesmaid Miss Kelly (middle), and little ole Maid of Honor me (on the right) couldn't help but take advantage of a photo op. Love how it came out! So cute!

I have to say though, we were all a tad disappointed in the Bridal Fashion Show they had planned. The venue had a stage and would have been perfect for the modeling of the bridal gowns but instead they had the brides walk through the crowd (which not everyone could see). The BTB was disappointed and asked "Where are the lights?! Where is the music?!" I have to agree.

Anyway, I was planning on something white and whimsical and bridal for the corresponding manicure and I like how the design came out for the most part. I must admit, this is not freehand (it's much too perfect a design)...although I did add a white tip to sort of cap it off. 

Anyone have some good ideas for bridal nails? I have more bridal events coming up throughout the year (Bridal gown shopping, Bridesmaids dress shopping, Bridal Shower, etc) and I need some ideas! Help me out if you're reading this and I'll give the design a try!

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  1. This is my second favourite. It's a very bridal mani, very romantic and sweet. Totally right for the bride, but evern for the bride's sister, since it doesn't say "I'm the bride" forcely. it looks so beautifully on you! Love the photoboot pics, sounds like fun!


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