Friday, February 1, 2013

Requested by Caitlyn: Rainbows

One of my law school buddies has the most adorable daughter ever who was shown this little blog here and came up with some ideas/challenges for me to try! Wahoo!! I love getting requests! Her list is short...and should be possible...but I'm notorious for over-estimating my manicurist abilities so we'll see how it goes. Today's post is the first in my "Requested by Caitlyn" series. Kicking off a list that includes giraffe, tuxedo, candycanes, gingerbread men, diamonds, Toadette and Mario (oh boy!), Yoshi, rainbows, and the phases of the moon (that's going to be intense...might have to steal from The Daily Nail for that one)...I started with rainbows!
And because I can NEVER leave well enough alone...I added some black to jazz it up!


Thank you for checking out my nails! Let me know if you liked them or if you have any requests/ideas for me to try. Just leave it in the comments below or email me at nikkisnailfiles[at]gmail[dot]com. There's no harm in sharing so feel free to leave back links and links to your posts! I'll check them out. Have a perfectly polished day!