Happy Valentine's Day 2013!!

Five (I think it was five years ago...) years ago on Valentine's Day I was heading with my five best college friends to all make Build-A-Bear stuffed animals and trade them with each other. We were all single and...as such...didn't have any strapping young lads to spoil us with candy, chocolates, stuffed animals, or flowers. I'm pretty sure my mom was the only one who sent me anything for Valentine's Day that year (how sad! Loved it though Mom!) Now, for the FOURTH Valentine's Day in a row, *warning this is where I get all mushy* I have the most incredible, handsome, loving, and caring sweetheart in the world to spoil me on Valentine's Day! I love you so much Andrew and I hope you have a wonderful day today, even when we can't be together. I can't wait until this weekend when I get to see you! I love you so much and am so lucky to have you as my Valentine again this year =D Thank you for always being by my side, having my back, and just generally being there for me. You are the best boyfriend EVER. And I mean that. <3

Now back to the nails: I decided on a light pink base (Zoya Nicole...because it's my name and was given to me as a random surprise from my sweets) and one of my new Zoya polishes for the design (Zoya Moxie because he had to have moxie to ask me to be his girlfriend three years ago!). It wouldn't be Valentine's nails without a heart so I added that to my ring finger, an A for Andrew, and "I love you" on my index finger.
Fun fact about my relationship with Andrew: We have never celebrated Valentine's Day on February 14th in person. I decided it will be our tradition to celebrate Valentine's Day either late/early...whatever works with our schedules.

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  1. I love you even more sweetpea :) You are so amazing my love!


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