Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm sure everyone knows (I didn't until maybe...a week ago) that leopard print is always classic paired with red. Yeah, I didn't know that until like last when I found out it made me want to try a leopard/red manicure. I cannot say I'm all that great at freehand leopard spots BUT I'm working on it and this gave another opportunity to give it a shot.
For this I used one of my OPI mini bottles (I think it's MonSooner or Later from their India Collection but I honestly couldn't tell you), China Glaze Midnight Kiss, China Glaze Hybrid, and China Glaze Liquid Leather.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simple yet chic

I'm posting this right before I head to sleep tonight because I was looking at my list of nail designs to do and I realized I better get moving with it! For this look I used Zoya Mira as the base and both FingerPaints  I Pink I Can and Zoya Snow White for the two rows of dots. I could have used a third coat of Mira on my thumb and ring finger though. I didn't notice the balding until just now!! Eek!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Big News: NikkisNailFiles is expanding to YouTube

Hey everyone! I have some exciting news to share: NikkisNailFiles will be adventuring into some new territory! I have decided to start a YouTube channel so I can start using my camera for more than just pictures. I've wanted to do tutorials, storage videos, and haul videos for the longest time and now I think I'll get started with that. I look forward to my first video and I hope you are too! I'll be posting the videos directly here to so you won't have to go find me on YouTube or anything though! See you on YouTube!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013!!

Five (I think it was five years ago...) years ago on Valentine's Day I was heading with my five best college friends to all make Build-A-Bear stuffed animals and trade them with each other. We were all single such...didn't have any strapping young lads to spoil us with candy, chocolates, stuffed animals, or flowers. I'm pretty sure my mom was the only one who sent me anything for Valentine's Day that year (how sad! Loved it though Mom!) Now, for the FOURTH Valentine's Day in a row, *warning this is where I get all mushy* I have the most incredible, handsome, loving, and caring sweetheart in the world to spoil me on Valentine's Day! I love you so much Andrew and I hope you have a wonderful day today, even when we can't be together. I can't wait until this weekend when I get to see you! I love you so much and am so lucky to have you as my Valentine again this year =D Thank you for always being by my side, having my back, and just generally being there for me. You are the best boyfriend EVER. And I mean that. <3

Now back to the nails: I decided on a light pink base (Zoya Nicole...because it's my name and was given to me as a random surprise from my sweets) and one of my new Zoya polishes for the design (Zoya Moxie because he had to have moxie to ask me to be his girlfriend three years ago!). It wouldn't be Valentine's nails without a heart so I added that to my ring finger, an A for Andrew, and "I love you" on my index finger.
Fun fact about my relationship with Andrew: We have never celebrated Valentine's Day on February 14th in person. I decided it will be our tradition to celebrate Valentine's Day either late/early...whatever works with our schedules.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I'm Making Waves (from the vault)

No matter what I do this photo is uploading on its side! Luckily, it takes nothing away from the design so I'm leaving it that way. You win computer! This one is a forgotten gem! Sometimes I'll save the picture to my computer but forget about it! Then I'll see it randomly and remember to post it. So please excuse the whole previous-post-nubby-nails to miracle-length-nail-growth in no time. These were polished maybe last month?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Inspired by: MKsNailDesigns

Today's post was taken from a YouTube video tutorial I watched by MKsNailDesigns. She has a few really good ones and if you're looking for inspiration or a nail design to do you should check her videos out! The one I used is here.
The original is black and white so I tweaked it a bit by changing the colors to a pearlescent white and navy blue. For this design I used: Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl, Orly Witch's Blue, Orly White Out, and Kiss Brush On Nail Art Paint PA10 Silver Glitter.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Requested by Caitlyn: Rainbows

One of my law school buddies has the most adorable daughter ever who was shown this little blog here and came up with some ideas/challenges for me to try! Wahoo!! I love getting requests! Her list is short...and should be possible...but I'm notorious for over-estimating my manicurist abilities so we'll see how it goes. Today's post is the first in my "Requested by Caitlyn" series. Kicking off a list that includes giraffe, tuxedo, candycanes, gingerbread men, diamonds, Toadette and Mario (oh boy!), Yoshi, rainbows, and the phases of the moon (that's going to be intense...might have to steal from The Daily Nail for that one)...I started with rainbows!
And because I can NEVER leave well enough alone...I added some black to jazz it up!