Swatch: Simmer & Shimmer

If you remember reading this blog when the movie Burlesque came out, then you probably remember the obsession I had with going to see it and the nail polish collection OPI did for it. Well, here's yet another nail polish from that collection: Simmer & Shimmer. It's a GORGEOUS blue based glitter extravaganza for your nails. Usually I'd stay away from doing an eye-catching glitter like this on every nail but, you know what, today I wanted some eye-catching digits! Here are some pictures of OPI Simmer & Shimmer.

A few glitter shots:


See? Eye-catching, no? They kind of remind me of these shoes:


  1. I love these blingtastic glitters - and it's in blue! Why didn't I get Simmer & Shimmer when I had the chance?! This polish is definitely going on my Lemming List.

    And you've been tagged with the Butterfly Award! Congrats :)

  2. Aw, thanks Andi! These glitters are so beautiful. They just catch the light and grab so much attention. I love them all! Thank you for tagging me with the Butterfly Award and for your wonderful comment!


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