When was the last time you fingerpainted?

That's a valid question. I can't remember the last time I painted in general (well, other than my nails, haha) but I especially can't remember when I last fingerpainted. My guess would be somewhere around 1st grade or maybe even younger. Today's nails come after a swatch session that include Finger Paints "I Pink I Can" so that's where my fingerpainting idea comes into play. This pink turned out to be beautiful and I can't wait to post the swatch up for you guys to see. It's also my first Finger Paints polish so that could be why I'm so excited. Regardless, here are my fingers....painted. Ha, I think I'm so witty sometimes...
So, as I mentioned, Finger Paints I Pink I Can was the base for this manicure with Zoya Ki used for the stamp and tips. The pattern is from BundleMonster plate 16. Topped with Seche Vite, of course. Ah, time for dinner. Have a great night/day everybody!


  1. Love this mani, black and pink are a great combination xx

  2. Aw, thanks so much Nicole! And thanks for commenting and stopping by my blog!

  3. 0.0 you took my design

  4. Uhm, pretty sure I didn't Anonymous but if you'd like to give me a link I could check it out. Can't say I'm shocked two people would have the same idea for a design like this. It's a stamp design with a tip which is hardly an innovative design. Like I said, feel free to send my your link.


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