Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toetally Tuesday #10 - Say hello to Kristi!

Hey everyone! For today's Toetally Tuesday I'm being boring and only showing a plain color with no design BUT here's why...it is one of my 13 new Zoya polishes! Thank you 3Free Zoya promo! :D I can't wait to show all you guys the new bunch. Tomorrow's post will be about them I think and then maybe Thursday I'll have a swatch up or something. Ohhh there's so many beautiful colors to choose from how will I decide on which to go with? Anyway, today you are looking at Zoya Kristi, a beautiful red that seriously dries in a second and is so shiny even without a top coat. I'm loving Zoyas formula. I only had Zoya Nicole before and I never used it by itself so I never got to see just how amazing the coverage was in only one coat. Feast your eyes on Kristi:
I don't really know what happened with the flash....you guys know I don't have crazy white feet. But anyway, if you excuse the clean-up (or lack of), how do you like Zoya Kristi? I think it's one of my favorite reds now :)

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