Honeymoon Tour: Dublin/County Clare - Day Three

Day Three was our big adventure in Ireland. I had found the Cliffs of Moher online months before the honeymoon and we were interested in visiting them but we weren't sure if we would fit them in during our trip. Truth be told, the Cliffs of Moher are located on the western coast of Ireland and Dublin is on the east coast of Ireland so...not exactly right next to each other. In fact, according to Google, it's a quick three hour twenty minute drive across the country, lol. Don't believe me?
So we started Day Three in Dublin like this: 
Yep, we rented a car and drove the 3 hour and 20 minute trip. We could have taken a tour bus but we wanted to be able to explore at our own pace and do whatever we wanted. So my husband, who HATES to drive (I do most of our driving), did me a solid and drove the way. He was such a trooper too..driving a Nissan moodel that we didn't recognize, on the "wrong" side of the wrong, from the "wrong" side of the car! He did such a great job and we got there without issue. 

If you ask me, if you get the opportunity to drive across Ireland, do it! This is the kind of view you can expect:
Finally we started getting close to the Cliffs and I got a photo of one of the signs.  I'm laughing out loud over here seeing me with the camera in the side view mirror. Hahaha.
Finally, we arrived. Along the way to the cliffs you walk by this little road of shops.
Anyone else having serious The Shire flashbacks from the Lord of the Rings?? The stores were so cute.

And then you get this view....which was totally worth the almost 4 hour drive.
 And one of me.
You could walk anywhere you wanted really and there were cliffs and fields as far as the eye could see. We even saw this adorable field of sheep just chilling near the cliffs.
My husband makes me so angry. I swear, he looks great in EVERY picture I take of him. How is that even possible? I look like I'm making weird faces in every photo he takes of me and yet he also looks fantastic. Ugh. Frustrating.
The cliffs were so beautiful and the weather was perfect.
It was sunny and comfortable and we walked miles and miles around the cliffs. We even visited O'Brien's Tower, which was about as far away as it looks in this photo...
I was sad to leave but we knew we had a long drive ahead of us and so we settled back into the car to head back to Dublin. Along the way home was stopped at Bunratty Castle so we could have dinner at The Creamery Bar. I had the most amazing Irish stew and soda bread ever!
And that was really it. On Day Four in Dublin we woke up, made our way to the airport, dropped off our rental car, and got comfy for our return flight to the United States.

Thank you for reading my gazillion posts about my honeymoon. If you can't tell for my hundreds of photos and stories, I literally had the time of my life and enjoyed every second of making all of these memories with my husband. If you have any memories from special travels please let me know in the comments below--I would love to hear about your travels too! Or if you have somewhere to recommend for my next trip (which we're referring to as Honeymoon Part 2) please let me know!

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On to the next adventure! I won't tell you where it is yet but we are we excited!!

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  1. Wow, your husband has way more courage than I do! We took a short break vacation in Northern Ireland this fall and I swear I was scared sh*tless all the time we were in the car. Needless to say I didn't even come near the drivers seat ;)

    I loved reading your honeymoon stories. Brought back many happy memories for me. Thanks for sharing them :)

    And of course: happy new year!


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