Let's Be Lawyers!

I graduated!! Finally, after three years of law school I have my Juris Doctorate! On my way to being an Esquire!!
Turns out I graduated cum laude,16th in my division (total of 107 students) and withing the top 15% of my overall class (total of 170). I was honored to wear not one, two, three or four but FIVE honors cords! I wore a red cord as a graduate with Pro Bono Distinction (meaning I performed at least 60 hours of pro bono legal service during law school). Additionally, I wore two more cords: a dark green cord as a member of an honor society and a white cord as a member of law review. I also wore a blue and gold striped cord for graduating cum laude. Lastly, I wore a red, white, and blue striped cord as a member of the Military Law Society. I was well decorated to say the least!

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