Sunday, June 22, 2014

Holy Babies!

Finally, a second to sit down, paint some nails, and catch up with the blog world! Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well and keeping your nails painted. I've been putting this design off because there were two people I knew who were expecting their first child and I had to wait until the second kid was born in order to do this manicure and celebrate both of them (edit: there are three people now because my best law school buddy's sister just announced she's preggo too). The first little bundle of joy was my sister's future sister-in-law's (and her husband's) adorable little baby boy named Jaxon (born on May 6th). The second bundle of joy is my boyfriend's brother's (and his sister-in-law's) little princess named Lily who was due June 19th but hasn't quite made her grand entrance into the world yet. In any event, I just couldn't wait any longer to do this design! Andrew and I went to pick up some "Welcome to the world baby Lily" presents today so my mind was thinking babies and I decided to get the design out of the way while I had some time.

Fun tip about Nikki: Babies freak me out. Buying little clothes that wouldn't even fit around my knee was odd and Andrew wasn't making it any better as he stood in the store's aisle looking around visibly thinking "ew babies." Clearly the two of us are destined to be a set of fantastic parents right?? Haha. That's a world away! Anyway, some of the items we got were so cute! Cute little whale shorts, a turquoise onesie with some shorts, and a few Burt's Bees organic cotton clothes because Andrew's brother and sister-in-law are particular about Lily's stuff. I may not be anticipating having a kid any time soon but is it bad that I'm super excited for when my sister has one? Babies freak me out but I will totally spoil my little niece or nephew when I have one!! Oh yeah, I almost forgot Andrew is going to be "Uncle Andrew" to odd! Here are the designs. I was celebrating both a little boy and a little girl so I needed to do pink AND blue with baby feet.

Andrew also bought Lily/Lilly her namesake flower. I thought that was adorable.

....ick babies.


  1. hey there hun!!!! finally back too. hope to hear from you soon! lovely post and lovely occasion and boyfriend, congrats!!! <3 hugs

  2. Wow this is so cute and very appropriate :-)


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