Friday Favorites: May

Aloha all. Today's post is my Friday Favorites May post, also known as my Friday Favorites: Wedding Edition. There's a lot going on with wedding planning and I barely had time to blog this week but I'm trying to catch up and get some posts going so I can still share what's going on with you. My blog could be a good way to keep some wedding inspiration ideas at my fingertips. Enjoy this collection of wedding favorites!

I love these bouquets. And honestly I love the dress color too. I will have to keep this shade in mind when we start looking for bridal gowns!
Our venue doesn't include centerpieces so now we have to figure out some centerpieces. I think the theme of our wedding is just simple classic elegance so I think these could be nice.
Or these if we don't go the flowers route...
I love both this wedding cake AND this flower arragement. I wouldn't think of orange but I'm actually really liking it!
Our venue also doesn't come with the beautiful Chiavari chairs. I'm a little bummed about that but the venue is absolutely gorgeous so I got over it quickly.
And how pretty is this table scape?!
Alright, that's enough wedding talk for one post!!

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  1. Oooh I love those bouquets too! I also like those crystal candles A LOT. I'm such a sucker for bling hehehe.


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