Wednesday, November 5, 2014

31 Week Nail Art Challenge: Week 10 - Gradient

Today's post isn't particularly motivating. I just feel like I have to post it because I can't outright skip a week in the 31 Week Nail Art Challenge! If you've been a blog visitor for a while then you know that I am 100% awful at gradient nails. It's so disappointing because I see them all over the blog and they're gorgeous but every time I try one it's just.....bleh. So here's my try:
We can now forget about this one, mmmkay? Next up Week 11 - Polka Dots! (MY FAVORITE) Be sure to go check NailsNoob out to see what Ghila has come up with for the gradient week!

Also, some super exciting news!! Andrew comes home in 9 days!!


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  2. I love you for always shouting me out :) I am so so happy for you to meet your sweetheart soon! this mani reminds me a little bit of this tutorial i am a fan of, maybe you could find this thecnique a little easier? check it out here -

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